Healthcare Systems

We have a multi-year experience in the field of healthcare. We have accumulated this experience mainly by development and support of a major part of VZP information system. Furthermore, we are co-working on specifications of changes in the IS which reflect new laws and public notices and we offer a full support to its users.

Our experience can be applied in the whole field of healthcare, including private practice doctors, healthcare providers, clinics, health insurance companies or other subjects.

We have excellent knowledge of medical data, their analysis, processing and evaluation. This mainly includes these sections:

  • mutual data transfer between healtcare subjects and health insurance companies, data formatting, way of communication and communication channels, processing received healthcare (and other) information
  • data checking, including correctness and validation of the data
  • data revision and erasure, evidence systems and confirmations of exceptions
  • price evaluation
  • healthcare subject and DRG financing, regulations, ministry of health's public notices evaluation and their impact of systems of financing and regulation mechanisms
  • data evaluation, statistics, reporting, outputs for the CIR and ministry of health
Healthcare Systems

Additional areas that we are highly experienced with and that are tightly coupled with aforementioned operations are:

The main part of our job is to thoroughly integrate aforementioned parts of information system and the interconnection with other modules and systems.

Aside healthcare insurance, we also have rich experience in the field of travel and contractual insurance.