About Us

ELSO Service Brno,spol. s r.o. was founded as an autonomous division of Elso Group to extend the group with a team of experienced IT specialists, who are able to deliver any solution in the IT field.

Thanks to our fifteen years’ experience in this field, we are able to keep up with new changes in technologies and legislation. Because of this, our applications are guaranteed to be of the most modern approaches which are leveraging the newest technologies with guaranteed modifications after a change of legislation.

We are located in Brno, however, we are able to meet the client wherever desired.


Our company supports education and development of its employees and specialists. The aim of this support is to increase professional skills and knowledge through various courses and trainings which in many cases end with a certification exam.

In the field of a project management, which we put a big emphasis on, we are employing experts with internationally valid certificates, mutually recognized with PMI certificates.

The holders of this certificate are guaranteed to have technical, behavioral and context competencies for project management.

We are applying project management according to internationally valid norms, especially with the standards:

In the technical field, our specialists are holders of prestige certificates, mainly in the database and programming code area. Examples of these certificates are:

Preferred Partner Gold HP
Oracle Database 10g Administrator - Certified Associate
Oracle Database 11g Administrator - Certified Associate
Oracle Database SQL - Certified Expert
PL/SQL Developer - Certified Associate
Advanced PL/SQL Developer - Certified Professional
Java SE 6 Certified Professional

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