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Our company is a part of a stable group Elso Group , which was founded in 1993 and is present on the Czech market ever since. Its activities include supply of hardware and software solutions. Thanks to this, our company is able to provide complex IT solutions of your choice.

We have a well coordinated, perspective and flexible working team available, that is not afraid of new challenges and is ready to fully comply with your requirements. Our employees are experienced analysts, technical and system specialists and programmers with multi-year experience.

We put a big emphasis on the collaboration with our customers and partners to fully understand their wishes and needs and to help them specify, analyze and transform the requirements to a solution that is implemented and further developed to reflect new requests. We take for granted to help the new users of our application to fully understand the workflow after the solution has been delivered. In other words - what we do for you is important to us, but what is even more important is the way we do business with you.

And if you don't need a massive custom solution, we are able to provide system, technical or architectural consultations.

Some of our happy customers are HP and VZP ČR, to whom we deliver key parts of IS for processing healthcare bills and accounting.

We look forward to working with you, so feel free to contact us .

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+420 774 209 209

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